Have you heard it’s harder to get into teaching degrees?

Maybe you’ve heard about the new NSW Government admission requirements making it harder to get entry to a teaching degree? Or that it’s taking longer and costing more?


Our ‘Teaching Solution Finder’ below makes it easy to navigate the changes and design a study pathway based on your personal circumstances.

Teaching Solution Finder

Just answer a few quick questions to find your pathway into a teaching degree.

A range of teaching degrees to meet requirements

UNE offers a range of primary, secondary and early childhood teaching degrees, as well as combined early childhood/primary teaching, and primary/secondary teaching degrees.


We have structured our primary teaching and secondary teaching degrees to meet the NESA ‘3 Band 5s including one in English’ requirement within the first year of study. This means you can become a qualified primary or secondary teacher in the same amount of time and for the same cost as before, even if you don’t meet the new entry standards.


A history of five star online education

We have a long history of providing adults with a means of completing a degree without the need to attend a university campus. This started in the 1950s when UNE offered degrees by correspondence, later known as distance and now ‘online’ education.

Our expertise has been developed through a deep understanding of the challenges that adults face in balancing their work and family commitments. UNE is now not only the longest provider of distance education, but is also the only online Australian university to claim an unbroken 10 year record of maximum ‘Five Star’ ratings from students for ‘Student Satisfaction/Overall Experience’ and a ‘Five Star’ rating for ‘Teaching Quality’ over five years (The Good Universities Guide 2007-2017).